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  • Rébecca SFEDJ

    Rébecca SFEDJ

    Coach/Speaker/Author ★Empowering young leaders to build their own vocation and a positive society through entrepreneurship and neurosciences

  • Thomas Vailleux

    Thomas Vailleux

    Founding an NGO to empower youth & social innovators from Morocco to Iran.

  • LouiseCoucho


    Following the timeline! #communication Manager. #Digital #marketing & #innovation Lover. #Startup #event Work for Resonance

  • Martin Gilbraith

    Martin Gilbraith

    Certified Professional Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant. ICA:UK Associate & ICAI webmaster. FRSA. Passionate about participation & leadership.

  • NOISE ESCP Europe

    NOISE ESCP Europe

    The NOISE is a young observatory focusing on #socent #socinn & sustainable development. We try to be noisy @escpeurope & its 5 campuses! Come & join us ;)

  • Louis-Marie de Certaines

    Louis-Marie de Certaines

    Associate @Somediasquad / Gangster @MakeSenseTwitts / Alumni @ESCD3A_Officiel / Tweets #GoogleImpactChallenge #vote4sense

  • Alexandre Chervet

    Alexandre Chervet

    Business Developer @TicketforChange Open-Innovation & Entrepreneurship oriented ; @EMLYON & @SciencePo Student ; Ex @EMLJC ; Ambassador @PasseportAvenir

  • Alain Lantaume

    Alain Lantaume

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